Top Travel Tips from Our Camera Crew

Summer might only just be coming to a close but many of us are already planning our future trips. In today’s blog, our camera crew draws on their extensive experience to share with you some of their top tips from bars to always carrying a Euro (when you are in Europe of course!).

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  • Buy duplicate chargers for your phone and other must-have gadgets. There’s nothing more frustrating than leaving yours at home. Consider a pre packed case just for chargers.
  • Fragments Cafe in a quiet square in Barcelona is a very special tapas bar.
  • Don’t feel compelled to stick to local or regional food alone. In Madrid for example, la Cabana Argentina is an excellent steakhouse.
  • Always carry a Euro in your pocket, you never know when you might need one. (This tip comes from Clean Cut camera operator Jack Ross who travels with a considerable amount of specialist camera kit).
  • The Huus Hotel in Gstaad Switzerland is one place you will never forget. The service, the style, the location (nestled among the peaks of the Bernese Alps) will be imprinted upon your memory forever.
  • Has anyone ever visited an ‘Old Town’ they didn’t like? Sarajevo and Metz in France are two of our most recent favourites.
  • Check in at the earliest opportunity for flights. This will ensure you get the sort of seat that you prefer.  After all – who likes the middle seat?!
  • Co Founder Martin Lane has two tips to end on: “This year I have filmed in Dubai and Monte-Carlo. In Dubai I recommend going to the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. In the evening there is a spectacular fountain light show. In Monte-Carlo, go for a drink in the Fairmont Hotel, positioned on a famous hairpin bend (the Fairmont Hairpin, Turn 6). This is a very popular place for motorsport fans because of its heritage and the fact that every night you can watch super-cars driving around. That’s Monte-Carlo!”

We hope that you have enjoyed our tips-do let us know if you found any of them useful!

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