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The Main Aim is to Win

"The Main Aim is To Win" Watch the Birchall Brothers go through a full day of testing at Castle Combe race circuit. Underpinning their unparalleled success is the support of their sponsors including Avon Tyres which has enabled the talented pair to  win the 2018 FIM Sidecar World Championship. Contact us for your sponsorship [...]

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Date with a Car Promotional Video!

A Date with a Car Promotional Video! Clean Cut Media was delighted to play a role in the celebrations of Citroën UK's two year partnership with Channel 4, more specifically to highlight the sponsorship of First Dates. Viewers of this incredibly popular prime time show, are already be enjoying the French brand's co-creation of [...]

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Get to Know Your Corporate Video Company on Set: The Production Manager

Get to Know Your Video Production Company on Set: The Production Manager As production manager on set, your role requirements change depending on the scale and type of project. Yesterday I was on set for a car advert shoot. It was a medium-scale production which meant I had to wear several hats e.g. assistant [...]

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7 Steps to Ensure the Safety of Your Video Content

7 Steps to Ensure the Safety of Your Video Content It is an irrefutable truth that your media matters. It matters to you and your organisation today and it will matter tomorrow and long into the future. It is therefore important that we explain to you the steps that we at Clean Cut Media [...]

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A File Sharing Solution for Video Editing Companies

A File Sharing Solution for Video Editing Companies The Problem Up until relatively recently, video editing companies everywhere came up against the same issue; sending videos to clients for input and sign off was time intensive and insecure. The videos were passed back and forth between client and video editing companies via couriers, hard [...]

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5 Travel Tips from a Global Corporate Video Production Company

5 Travel Tips from a Global Corporate Video Production Company Last year our corporate video production company crew filmed in more than 25 countries across 4 continents. Working on location can be exciting and demanding in equal parts. It can feel like there are so many unknown factors to contend with: climate, language, culture. [...]

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How to Choose the Music for Your Corporate Video

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Corporate Video You need the right soundtrack to your corporate video. But you've only ever chosen music for your personal sound system! There is an art to selecting the perfect background music for your video and it largely comes down to what you are trying to [...]

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