COVID-19 Working Safely on all filming projects

On the 10th May 2020, the Government announced that work that cannot be done at home can now take place as long as social distancing measures are put in place. Clean Cut Media is committed to carefully planning every aspect of every shoot so that we can consistently work safely with existing and new clients.

We want to share with you the headline measures that all video production service crew, talent and clients will need to adhere to for the foreseeable future.


  • A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out.
  • Pre-production meetings will take place by video call.

On Location

  • Every filming location must be large enough for crew, talent and clients to work at a 2m distance from each other at every stage of filming.

Cast and Crew

  • No-one who is considered vulnerable or at-risk should be included in the video production.
  • Anyone whose household includes someone who is vulnerable or at-risk should also undertake their own risk assessment before agreeing to take part.


  • Only Clean Cut Media crew will have contact with video production equipment.
  • All equipment will be cleaned before and after filming.
  • Boom mics will be used on all shoots to ensure we maintain social distancing and if a lavalier mic is required this will need to be self-applied.
  • Crew van will be wiped down with anti-bac wipes after each shoot.


  • On occasion, where public transport is used then social distancing must be observed and a face covering used.
  • Crew, talent and client representatives to travel to the location individually and by car, avoiding public transport where possible.
  • If public transport must be used then social distancing must be observed and a face covering used.


  • All crew and talent will undertake hand washing upon arrival at the location and continue this routinely throughout the shoot.
  • Crew will also carry hand sanitiser in case handwashing facilities are not available.
  • Any surfaces that crew have touched will be thoroughly cleaned before leaving the premises.


  • Crew will wear medical gloves throughout the shoot where required necessary e.g. at a corporate promotional video shoot where surfaces in an office space may be touched.
  • Crew may also wear face masks if it is deemed necessary for the added safety of those being filmed.

Hair & Makeup

  • Because the 2 metre guidance cannot be observed in this area – Clean Cut Media appointed hair and make up artists will advise cast members how to self apply.


If anyone participating in the shoot shows any of these symptoms ahead of the shoot, they will need to self isolate for 14 days and the shoot will be postponed:

  1. High temperature
  2. New persistent cough
  3. Flu-like symptoms


  • The footage from the shoot will be taken back to the Clean Cut Media office to be backed-up at a time that is deemed safe given other staff members may be using the office.
  • In the same way, post-production activity will be carried out an appropriate time and location.
  • Avoid printing and paper distribution except for clear safety posters on set – note: COVID-19 can last 24 hours on paper*1
As things develop, and governance advice evolves from the Government and relevant industry bodies-Clean Cut Media will be constantly updating its procedures. The health and well being of everyone involved will always be at the heart of every video production project.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of this further please don’t hesitate to get in touch.