8 Questions Answered About Social Media Videos

There are many questions when it comes to social media videos. Here are 8 of the most commonly asked questions answered by Clean Cut Media’s Social and Broadcast Producer Becky Brown.

Question 1: Back to basics: What is a social media video?

The first question every client should ask themselves is ‘What are they hoping to achieve?’ This is how the process of making a video should begin. The second question is ‘What does your audience look like and which platform/s do they use?’ The audience demographics will determine how and where you position your social content. This in turn will inform the length and style of each video. This doesn’t mean that a piece of content can’t be manipulated and re-versioned for multiple platforms. But it’s important to understand the limitations and USP’s of each platform to truly help your company get the most from every piece of content that is amplified.

Question 2: Why do companies want social media videos?

Social content is a hugely important tool for a great many companies. If used effectively it can grow your reach into new markets as well as helping you to stay connected with existing clients. It can also help you to discover where your customers’ focus lies – the answer might come as a surprise! Well curated social content output can help you to stay ahead of the curve in your industry resulting in more sales and more conversions.

Question 3: What are the common concerns that companies have about social media videos?

Unpredictability, hence a fear of investing time and money, is the sticking point for many companies that we talk to. That is why testing is a crucial component of any venture into social videos.  This can seem like a waste of money, but without investing in trials, even larger sums will be wasted.

Question 4: Do you make different clips for different social media channels?

At Clean Cut Media we feel that this is crucial element of producing social content. Whether this is achieved through re-versioning the videos (to keep costs down) or creating new bespoke content-when content is better curated, it comes across as more authentic and the viewer therefore feels more valued. It is important that each video carves out a unique space in the social sphere-the success or failure of a social campaign depends on it.

Question 5: Do you film extra material for a clip or do you use what you already have from a long-form video shoot?

This really depends on the client’s motivation for production in the first place. In most cases, multiple platform reach is the intention of clients when they start pre production. Therefore, a shoot will be produced with this intention in mind – creating longer content which can then be re-versioned and manipulated to create the other shorter form content to reach multiple platforms. Interestingly, sometimes a shoot may not be required at all. If the platform that clients want to target is more graphics based or purely short form, it could be that this can be created purely in post-production. The creativity for social content is so vast that depending on your reach and ambition almost anything can be achieved from multiple sources and strands of production.

Question 6: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Staying connected and exploring online is vital for a Social and Broadcast Producer. I keenly watch developing trends across multiple platforms from LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram and TikTok. ‘Fresh’ and ‘on trend’ are my buzzwords!

Question 7: Are numbers of Likes and Followers and Comments really the ‘be all and end all’?

The more followers and subscribers you have, the better your reach is going to be. However, the quality of your numbers is more important than the numbers alone. So much of social media is about testing new markets and trying to expand beyond your normal reach. It can often help to boost all types of interaction, to look outside your usual platforms. It’s all about continuing the conversation, being in the mix and being. on trend. Getting noticed isn’t easy but the more that you continue to present yourself, the more traction you’ll get and video is one of the best social tools to create traction online.

Question 8: Can a client re-use social media clips? 

Absolutely. Social posts can be re-used time and time again. With numbers of social events and hashtags this is almost a necessity – see ‘#throwbackthursday’ for example! But as well as re-posting marginally re-versioning content to keep it relevant can be a vital tool. It’s important to establish your online identity with old content as well as continuing storylines and timelines with minor tweaks to videos. It all helps to keep your conversation moving and attract high quality interest in your pages. Regular, consistent communication and posting is vital for a successful social campaign on any platform.

I hope that these answers have helped companies still struggling with this topic. We look forward to speaking to you about your social media videos. Contact us today!

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