Producing a Live Sport Event

Rob O’Farrell and Martin Lane, the Co Founders and Managing Directors at Clean Cut Media have lead a crew at the ATP Tour Finals for over ten consecutive years. An extraordinary level of planning is required-beginning 6 months before this live sport event.

Clean Cut's Senior Editor explains what goes into relocating an edit facility: Click To Tweet

Senior Editor Liam’s work is an integral part of the planning process! The relocation of kit and 17 crew members, as Rob points out is the fundamental difference between this shoot and others.

Another particularity of this live sport event is the size of the venue. The roving crew communicate via WhatsApp. There are various groups for different areas of operations such as filming, editing and social output.

Team work, team work and more teamwork is the secret to the success of our crew, but teamwork extends beyond our usual colleagues. We work long hours and so the O2 security staff become pivotal in enabling us to carry out our work. Other helpful individuals include the skilled men and women who lead some tennis players, a Clean Cut Media camera operator land producer over the top other O2! Read more here.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours are recorded by the Clean Cut Media video crew. This footage is delivered straight to the media manager and editors at their base at London’s O2 Arena. This footage is skilfully turned into high quality videos for the big screens, for YouTube videos for the ATP Tour and the weekly sports magazine show ATP Tour Uncovered. Prior to his win, Greek tennis player Tstisipas was invited to go ono a secret mission and Clean Cut Media was there to film it!

Of course, a post event review is always undertaken by Rob and Martin. Two key points that they always come back to are:

  1. Ensure that all crew have an in depth knowledge of the venue.
  2. Filming at this sizeable live sport event is a marathon and not a sprint.

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