Learning the Technical Ropes                                                                                                                                                                                

I have thoroughly enjoyed joining the team at Clean Cut Media as Junior Media Manager a few months ago. I have always had a great passion for sport in general and Clean Cut Media’s first class coverage of the ATP Tour has reignited my love of tennis established in my younger playing days. It has been a real privilege to witness all the moving components behind the scenes that go into professional sports coverage and I look forward to continuing this journey as the ATP Tour builds towards the Nitto ATP Finals at the O2 Arena in London in November.

Every day my technical knowledge and its practical application is growing rapidly. My colleague Tom Ryan has been getting me up to speed on all things media management and answering a lot of my tedious questions! In a relatively short space of time I have my head around our large LTO library, jam packed shoot schedule, weekly television show commitments and a blossoming social media video production line. I have also been preparing for the exciting addition of the Avid Nexis storage platform. We plan on having the state of the art Nexis fully integrated over the coming months giving our media management capabilities an immense boost.

I am extremely excited by the vast array of technical knowledge and skills I will be exposed to moving forward here at Clean Cut. I look forward to the challenges ahead with such a great team, thanks guys!