How To Use Social Media Video Content During Covid-19

At a time when 38% of UK consumers are buying more items online, social media videos enable businesses to promote themselves and connect with their customers, employees and the wider community. Video is the only type of online content that allows people to see us, hear us and get to know us; qualities that mean a lot when we are increasingly relying on digital devices to stay connected, both personally and professionally. We take a look at why video works and share tips on how to create videos for social media to benefit your business.

Why Use Video For Business?

We are experiencing a time of increased access to technology, increasing time spent on technology and the content that audiences are choosing to access online is video. Time spent viewing online video rose by 32% annually from 2013-2018 due to improvements in internet speed, mobile device displays and an increase in connected TV sets (2). More recently, 76% of people surveyed for Data Reports Digital 2020 April Global snapshot reported spending more time on their smartphones and 47% spent longer than usual on social media than they did prior to COVID19.

Videos bring your brand, product or service directly to the customer. When shopping from home visuals have a huge impact on customers’ buying decisions and videos are able to provide a personal, realistic feel. Plus with viewers retaining 95% of a message when they watch it on video compared to 10% when reading it in a text. Online social media videos enable businesses to connect with their audience and gain their loyalty and trust.

How To Create Videos For Social Media

For many businesses, COVID-19 has brought unprecedented changes and an often rapid shift to online sales and communication. But understanding why to use video for business is very different from knowing how to create videos for social media. Here are some tips to consider …

Tip1: Know What You Want To Achieve

Before deciding what you want to say in your online videos have a plan for what you want the videos to achieve. What is your primary goal? Is it to increase online sales, build followers of your social media channels or educate your audience about a particular issue or topic?

Tip 2: Consider Your Audience

Imagine you are talking to one of your customers or clients – how would they want and expect to receive the information your business is sharing? Formally in a presentation or informally in an Instagram story or perhaps in Facebook Live Q and A session.

Tip 3: Know The Technicalities

Every social media channel has different specifications, sizes, ratios and duration requirements. An Instagram or Facebook Story is a great way of highlighting or updating your audience about an event or particular element of a product but its format will be vastly different to a 40 min YouTube video showcasing a tour of your factory and interviews with employees. Understanding the technical requirements of different types of social media channels will help you produce the best quality content for your audience.

Tip 5: Choose Your Channel

Online video is powerful across every social media platform. Knowing your audience means you can identify the social media channel(s) that will appeal to them most. Every day more than 800 million people engage with live video across Facebook’s apps (4) and Twitter tweets that contain video are found to be six times more likely to be retweeted. Facebook and Instagram Live streams enable you to speak with your audience in real-time, respond to their questions and even post the video up for others to view later.

Tip 6: Draw On Professional Expertise

Reputable video production companies are best placed to guide your business step by step through the video content creation process. They can help to ensure that the final product meets the requirements needed to achieve your marketing goals. The high-level post-production and editing services and technical expertise provided by video production companies are essential in a fast-changing. online environment. The online video content you produce may be viewed on a digital phone screen or a large 80 inch TV with surround sound. Professional expertise will ensure your video content is optimised for the channels you are putting it on.

Tip 6 Engage With Your Audience

The recent reset in how customers are seeking out and accessing products and services is an opportunity for businesses to engage and communicate effectively online. A 2019 YouGov survey showed that 72% of people would prefer to learn about a product or service via video. There’s no better time to do some research, gain advice from a reputable video production company and show your audience all the amazing things your company does by sharing it in online social media videos.

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