My first month at Clean Cut Media 

Starting at Clean Cut has been fantastic, i could not envision how far I would have come in such a short time and how much tea I would drink! Since my first day I have been welcomed openly and made to feel comfortable in this environment which now feels like home. I have progressed in my work from researching and collecting content through to editing small pieces for social media and ATP Tour Uncovered. This would not have been possible without the guidance and support which has given me the confidence to get on with the task ahead and produce some pretty cool stuff. Being able to pair my skills in editing along with my fondness for tennis has been brilliant and I have been able to utilise my knowledge of the sport. Unlike tennis, which is very much an individual sport, the team at Clean Cut is friendly, driven and possess the right balance of work and fun.
My time at Clean Cut has shown me that working for a smaller company makes for a  much less restrictive role which I have really enjoyed and benefited from as it’s given me opportunities across different areas whilst there are also far fewer names to remember!