A File Sharing Solution for Video Editing Companies

The Problem

Up until relatively recently, video editing companies everywhere came up against the same issue; sending videos to clients for input and sign off was time intensive and insecure. The videos were passed back and forth between client and video editing companies via couriers, hard drives and fiddly FTP transfers. As well as the inefficiency of this set up, there is no denying that the client could lose his or her passion for the project along the way.

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The Solution

We have been using Aframe since we set up Clean Cut Media in 2011, both for our broadcast tennis programmes and for corporate videos. With Aframe, files are saved on a secure private cloud network so the media we save is protected and easily accessible. Aframe technology enables us to provide our clients with a link that they can play on their phone, tablet or computer. So they simply don’t need to come into our video editing facility  in Hampton Wick, London. Also, they can watch their videos on any browser, anywhere in the world. And they don’t have to download a large file or use any particular software and can access the video using the cloud and play it immediately.

In addition to these benefits, Aframe also allows us to send our clients a selection of daily rushes, so they can stay completely to date with what we are filming and how their story is developing. The great thing is that we can send these to Aframe wherever we are filming in the world.


This was therefore a huge help when we were creating a complex graphics-led video for BNP Paribas who gave us the brief to showcase the story and process behind the development of the company’s approach to its customers.

The animated side of the film was lengthy to create so we wanted to speed up the approval process. And so rather than wait until we had finished the film and then sending our client a drive, we sent daily cuts via Aframe. This meant that our client could approve the various sections at once or add comments about what we needed to amend.

Because of this, we are delighted to feature on Aframe’s website talking about ATP World Tour Uncovered which we co produce. In brief, it is thanks to Aframe that we can send broadcast quality media between several destinations and this involves managing the transfer of very large amounts of complicated video data. You can learn more about the weekly magazine show.

A Word From Our Clients

Unsurprisingly, the response from our clients has been consistently positive. Michael Wallis, Co-Founder and Creative Director of the Corke Wallis branding agency says: “Clean Cut Media recently produced a series of videos for our client CrowdBnk. It was a high pressure project as we needed a really quick turnaround. Using Aframe made everything really simple for us. Each day Clean Cut Media would shoot several videos and send us links to the rushes. I could look at them on my phone or my computer, whichever I had to hand and make comments that Clean Cut Media could incorporate the next day. It allowed us to have a very fast turnaround at every stage right through to the final edits.”

In conclusion, if you are looking at video editing companies, get in touch to ask how we can use Aframe technology to make the whole process better, faster and easier for you.