Relocating An Edit Facility

For the 3rd consecutive year, Senior Editor Liam Rafferty is responsible for the relocation of the Clean Cut Media edit facility to the O2 Arena for the Nitto ATP Tour Finals. We grabbed Liam before he headed off to the tennis tournament to get the headlines about this challenging logistical operation.

Liam’s team comprises editor Rob McKenzie, junior editor Matt Oliver-Reid, freelance editor Chris Staff and junior media manager Evan Platt. Not only with this team be working between 14-16 hours together each day, they will also be staying in the nearby Holiday Express in Greenwich!

Over the course of the tournament, the editing team works with the big screen producer, the eng producer (this is the producer who walk around site with the show presenter and camera operator, the edit producer and social media producer Becky.

This is a team that really delivers results. The extensive list of deliverables includes videos for big screens in the arena, web videos, social clips, sponsor videos and content for the weekly magazine show ATP Tour Unovered.

The primary  challenge for the editing team is the initial set up at a new location. They have to ensure that the edit suites are in tune with each other. We wrote a blog about the introduction of an Avid Nexis at Clean Cut Media ‘s offices, but owing to the volume of rushes produced that need to be downloaded, backed up, edited and delivered-it all needs to be done on site. Liam has overseen the integration of this second portable Avid Nexis.

Whilst the image of editors is for them to be firmly sat in a the bricks and mortar post production suite, it is quite usual for editors to be on site using live sport events because they are working so closely with the producers, and the  memory cards need to be released back to the camera crew fairly swiftly.

We hope you enjoy the tournament if you are coming. Highlights videos are appearing on the exciting Nitto ATP Finals 2019 YouTube channel.

And keep up with our video production Instagram and video production Twitter feeds for all the behind the scenes action.