How to choose a London Edit Facility

We often speak to companies who are looking for an edit facility. They have been working with a team of freelance camera operators, producers and directors and now they are ready to craft the rushes into the final product. This is called the edit. Some of our callers know exactly what they are looking for and some of them don’t. We have put together a check list to help organisations choose the London edit facility that is exactly right for them.
1. Your team
Who will be using the facility, e.g. voiceover artist, your preferred editor, members of the marketing team. Consider their particular needs and expectations as you look over this list.
2. Location
Are there the necessary transport links?
Is there parking available?
Are there secure bike racks? (and showers!)
Are other special needs catered for such as wheelchair access and disabled toilets?
3. Kit
Request a full kit and software list.
What shared internal drive space is there?
Find out how much the facility will charge to increase available media space.
Is there an FTP site such as Aframe available so that you can put an edit up for approval?
Prior to beginning, check your preferred editor is happy with the kit list.
4. Media Management Processes
What do they have in place? Please ensure that your chosen edit facility is really hot on this area of operations.
Are the rushes put to LTO?
Are they backed up twice?
This should tell you everything you need know about media management.
5. Kitchen/access
Does your facility provide food? Can you take in your own food? Are there tasty options nearby?
What are the opening hours?
6. Flexibility
What if you need longer time/more edit suites? Can this be accommodated?
7. Other staff
Do you have requirements specialised in house graphic staff and audio staff Media manager. Depending on the number of people you are bringing in, you may want a fully manned reception area.
8. Technical support
Are there in house engineers on permanent standby?
9. Insurance
What type of insurance do they have? Find this out before committing to the facility.
It goes without saying that if the edit facilities you contact are not forthcoming with this information-then they are perhaps best avoided.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              We hope this has helped in some way. We would love to hear your experiences!