Packing Camera Kit in 3 Steps

Preparation, preparation, preparation. Packing camera kit for a video shoot is not something that can be left until the last minute. Here are my three steps I follow for every shoot, big or small, local or abroad.

Step One

One week before your shoot, cross reference the kit with your master kit list. This is not a blue print for every shoot but you will need many of the items. Tick off what you are taking, you will be counting the kit back in. Are any key items on another shoot or being serviced?

Don’t underestimate the technical requirements of your shoot, even a one day shoot like the one day video shoot with the Boys of Yoga on Putney Bridge will need a considerable amount of kit.

Ensure all batteries are charged, format any memory cards, take the right amount of memory cards and clean the equipment. None of these jobs can easily be done on site.

Step Two

Pack the main cameras into Peli cases. For many years, Peli cases have been an essential element of Clean Cut’s operations. They provide an extreme level of protection for our equipment during transit. Any other equipment such as batteries or chargers are carried in industry standard camera backpacks or in hardened cases. For extra protection, we cover any fragile equipment in lens cases or bubble wrap to soften any knocks the bag might get along the way. Every item is clearly marked with a Clean Cut Media sticker and a FRAGILE sticker.

Step Three

The day of departure, carefully put the equipment in the van,  putting the heaviest items at the bottom with the lightest gear on top. Be careful when transporting kit to ensure nothing will fall out when the doors are opened.

Word to the wise, you’ll need something to move your precious cargo round once it is off the van. We recommend the Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart.

And don’t forget

  • If you are flying with your kit, familiarise yourself with your airline’s luggage policy. Extra weight, number of cases and outsize types of luggage, all need to be considered.
  • Stay on top of your kit knowledge, technology doesn’t stay still. Broadcast magazine is one resource you can take advantage of to stay in the kit game!

If we have reassured you about our camera packing credentials, contact us about your filming projects!