How to Live Stream Successfully

Live streaming has become a popular method of filming over recent years and demand continues to grow, particularly in this current climate. Reach out to a larger audience by live-streaming your events, allowing them to feel like they’re really there with you no matter where they are around the world.

Why is Live Streaming The Answer During The Outbreak?

With the current lockdown restrictions in place, not only are many events being cancelled but potential guests are finding themselves safe at home searching for new ways to entertain themselves. Many musicians and the likes have taken to posting live videos, which enable them to continue to connect with their audiences whilst offering something a little high spirited, to distract us from all that is going on in the world. 

Whether you are looking to stream a sporting event that’s taking place behind closed doors, a live gig, gaming video, a conference, Q&A or absolutely anything else; live streaming could be the answer to your needs!

Live Streaming Offers Greater Flexibility & Audience Interaction

Your audience can connect with you in real-time with live streaming and there are a wide range of platforms which are designed for this very purpose. Not just used as a digital alternative to in-person events, live streaming can allow businesses to communicate more effectively with their audiences. Customers will be able to put a face to the name when it comes to your business and they help to add a level of authenticity to your brand. 

So, how can Clean Cut media help you to record live streaming videos?

Our Top Tips For Hosting A Successful Live Stream

Our team of experts have had many years of experience within the creative video industry. Having worked on an extensive, diverse, range of projects, we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. To help you through, we have compiled a list of our ‘top tips’ for how to live stream successfully. 

1. Plan Your Event

Although you likely have an idea in mind, it’s important to fine-tune the details of your event in order to make sure you get it right. Whatever it is you’re looking to film, a thorough plan is required. 

Consider the following questions – 

What are you going to be filming?

Where will you be filming it?

Who is your target audience?

Why should people watch?

How can they access the video? 

Addressing each of these questions will give you a better understanding of what you’re looking to achieve from this.

2. Consider Which Platform You Wish To Use

There are a range of platforms available which will allow you to host your live stream, with each one drawing a different audience. It’s important to understand your goals when choosing a suitable platform, to enable you to make the right decisions which will ensure your event is successful. 

Some of the most common examples are:

YouTube Live – Arguably the most popular video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube is famous for hosting billions of hours of video content. With its live-streaming service, Youtube Live, being available free of charge to any creator who has verified their account, you can reach audiences far and wide here.

Facebook Live – Famed for being the giant of Social Media, Facebook enables users to communicate with their audiences in many different ways and the implementation of Facebook Live is no exception. Being the Social Network with the most users worldwide, you can not only host your live-stream here but can also promote it effectively in the run-up to the big day too. Although there are fewer monetization options than on YouTube, depending on your requirements Facebook Live is an effective live-streaming platform.

Instagram Live – Instagram has grown tremendously in popularity over recent years and offers users live-streaming options with a twist. Not only can users post live video streams, but they can publish the video to their stories; where it will stay for twenty-four hours, before being deleted. With the use of a variety of filters, a notification blast to followers when you begin streaming and the ability to turn comments on and off, this might be the platform for your needs.

Twitch – Having begun its journey as the lead streamer for gaming-related content, Twitch has continued to grow in popularity. Although the platform does branch out and offer live-streaming of alternative events now, there is still a predominantly gaming-focused community on there. If your event is gaming related, this could be the perfect platform.

These are just four of the many platforms available to streamers these days, meaning that communicating live with your ideal audience has never been easier.

Live Television Broadcasting

For larger-scale events, such as award shows, concerts or sporting events, live-streamed broadcasts onto television are required. Here at Clean Cut Media, we have worked with a range of different clients on various larger-scale projects such as these in the past, meaning we have the expertise to help. If you are looking for help with live television broadcasting, get in touch with our team today.

Quality Equipment

A low-quality video stream will not only not offer such a high level of professionalism, but will also disengage your audience. In this modern world of exceptional technology, nobody is content when it comes to watching low-resolution, badly filmed videos. Investing in the right cameras, lighting, microphones and other equipment or hiring a professional filming company will ensure that you’re producing top-quality equipment which will engage your audience. 

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