How Can Customer Testimonial Videos Benefit Your Business?

Did you know 90% of customers use product videos to help them make purchasing decisions? (1) At a time when we watch more online content than ever, customer testimonial videos effectively showcase your products and services in a way your audience connects with and trusts. We take a look at what makes video testimonials so beneficial for businesses and show how to create unique and engaging content that convinces your audience to take action.

Why Use A Customer Service Testimonial?

When customers share positive experiences in a testimonial it inspires confidence in your business and helps it to grow. In fact, 91% of consumers trust online testimonials as much as recommendations from friends or family (1). Customer testimonials are shared in written and video format, but increasingly, businesses are utilising video testimonials to attract new clients and increase their revenue. Why? Well, online video viewing grew at an average rate of 32% a year between 2013-2018 and the average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes a day watching online video in 2021, according to Zanith Media’s Online Video Forecasts 2019 (2). It seems we simply can’t get enough online video content.

Why Customer Testimonial Videos Benefit Businesses

Sharing video testimonials allows potential customers to understand how your products and services solve real life problems. Most importantly, videos enable you to add a personal element which is hard to achieve with text based content.

1.) It’s All About Emotion

We are hard wired to pay attention to faces, colours and motion. Much of this is due to the mirror neurons in our brains which activate when we experience an emotion and similarly when we see others experiencing an emotion, such as happiness, fear, anger, or sadness. When a testimonial video features a customer who is thankful, relieved and happy as a result of your products or services, potential customers will feel this too. Emotion is a primary driver of decision making and there is no better method of quickly and effectively evoking emotions than via video.

2.) Video Engages Us

Put simply, people prefer video. In fact, four times as many customers would prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it (3). Plus this preference for viewing extends to sharing the videos we watch. Quality video content turns your viewers into advocates. For example, social media videos are 12 times more likely to be shared than posts with links and text only (1).

3.) Video is Perfectly Persuasive

Having your customer share compelling reasons why your product or services work is powerful, persuasive and authentic. Sharing this testimonial in video speaks directly to your audience and the messages you share are remembered. In fact,  online product reviews can increase conversion rate by more than 270% (3).

What Makes Successful Customer Testimonial Videos?

You set high standards across your business and it is equally as important to set a high level of quality for your video testimonials.

Quality testimonial videos include:

  • On camera interviews with customers your audience will relate to
  • A focus on how your business solves a problem for your customer(s)
  • Statistics that inform and verify your customer’s story
  • The outcomes your products or services achieved for your customer

Styles of Testimonial Videos

The style your video testimonial takes is determined by your individual business goals. You may consider:

  • A customer review that highlights how your customer benefitted from a particular feature of your product or service.
  • A customer testimonial where your customer shares their personal experience and discusses what they gained from your product or service. It may be a question and answer format or your customer sharing their journey, the challenge(s) they overcame … with help from your business.
  • A case study to highlight a particular customer success story, one your audience relates and aspires to, and that adds authenticity to your marketing message.

High Quality Video Testimonials Gain High Quality Results

Every element of a testimonial video is a reflection of your business’ brand, products or services, so it is essential your video sets high production standards. Creating quality videos content takes time, experience and careful planning but this doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in video production. To gain the best possible result for your business, seek the advice and expertise of a reputable, recognised video production team. The unique and engaging content they can help you achieve will ensure your video customer testimonials create awareness, engagement and ultimately drives your business’ sales and revenue. Quality, professionally filmed video testimonial achieves your marketing goals and converts your potential customers into paying ones. Isn’t it time you harnessed the power of customer video testimonials for your business?

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