Is the sending of Christmas Cards falling off the cliff?

There are personal Christmas cards and there are company Christmas cards. But aren’t the motives behind sending them the same?

Natural storyteller Austin Mutti-Mewse shared his thoughts on the matter: The dying art of letter writing is one thing. The sending of Christmas cards is falling off the cliff-and yet the only absolute guarantee these days of a message being read is to send a handwritten envelope containing a handwritten letter.

Austin’s knowledge traverses industries. But because this is the season of dressing up I asked him to share two insights from the sartorial sphere!

Caroline Issa of @TANKmagazine has been lamenting the passing of the Christmas card. Click To Tweet Fun Fact: Famed fashion designer Valentino only interacts via hand written notes and cards and is celebrated for it. Click To Tweet

Whatever your industry what do you do? Do you hand write? And does it really matter?