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You need to engage customers online. Communicate with staff. Market your product. Beat the competition. What you need is an entertaining corporate video that really cuts the mustard.

From 30 second promos, to in-house training videos, to full blown TV commercials: the Clean Cut Media team can showcase your product, business, or idea in the best way possible. How? With cutting edge graphics, imaginative on-site direction and creative editing. And specially created content tailored to your sector and your audience.

We understand that marketing and communication teams work to tight budgets. And even tighter deadlines. So we’re committed to keeping production costs under control. Plus our electronic upload service ensures video content can be quickly shared and approved.

Whether it’s a corporate video, motion graphics or a video production idea that needs to be developed, give us a call. Or click here to read more about the power of video.

Corporate Films and Promos
Need to promote you, your product, or your business? We’ll ensure your promotional video is consistent with your brand guidelines and gets the results you want.

Product Videos
Got something to sell? The quickest way to promote your product online is with a smart, sharp video. Our product videos increase engagement and improve sales.

Pitch and Sponsorship Videos
Need to make a lasting impression? A well-made and thoroughly entertaining video will showcase your talents, and make all the difference between you and the competition.

Internal and External Communication Videos
Need to communicate a big idea and get everyone on board? Video is the easiest way to train staff, educate clients and engage potential customers.

Need to explain something clearly and simply? An animated video helps to convey your message in a fun and interesting way.

TV Commercials
Want to make a big impact on a mass audience in 30 seconds flat? Our TV ads catch and keep the viewers’ attention with powerful visuals and audio.

Case Studies

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