Years and Years

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Project Description

The Client: Universal Advanced Media, Years and Years

The Brief

July 10th 2015 was a significant date for the music industry. From that Friday onwards all new music would be released on the same day everywhere in the world. New Music Fridays were born. Universal Music Group wanted to make a splash with their first New Music Fridays release – from British band Years and Years. We’ve established a good working relationship with Universal Music Group, so they asked us to film a documentary that would capture the buzz and the build-up of this new music industry initiative.

The Project

We followed Years and Years as they promoted their album Communion. This included filming behind the scenes while they recorded three different videos for their single, Shine, for a Channel 4 advert break takeover. We also filmed various gigs and interviews with music industry leaders for the documentary. Communion entered the UK Album Charts at number 1: a great result for the band and for Universal Music Group.

  • Key Service:
  • Music Video Documentary