UMG Advanced Media

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Project Description

The Client: UMG Advanced Media

The Brief

Advanced Media at Universal Music Group asked us to film the ‘Songs of Hope’ Bristol Proms closing concert spectacular. Advanced Media are known for their ingenious use of technology, which was celebrated in this immersive multi-sensory concert.

The Project

The concert made the most of the theatrical possibilities of Bristol’s Old Vic Theatre. In a unique staging, members of the choir popped up all around the theatre, bringing the audience closer to the music.

Clean Cut Media was there to capture the magic of the performance, which we achieved by placing an array of cameras throughout the venue. A particular challenge involved siting cameras on stage in a way that was unobtrusive for both performers and the audience.

It was an unforgettable performance, where 16th century music met 21st century technology, for an evening of surround-sound polyphony.

  • Key Service:
  • Concert Film