Silverstone Promo

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Project Description

The Client: British MotoGP

The Brief

For edge-of-your-seat thrills, the British MotoGP is hard to beat. There’s explosive action, high emotions and dazzling displays of skill as an array of biking superstars battle it out on the tarmac.

The Project

Silverstone asked us to create a promo video for the British MotoGP at their iconic racing circuit. They chose Clean Cut Media because of our passion for sports, including motorcycling, and our track record in producing promotional sports videos.

Silverstone supplied high-octane footage of heart-stopping crashes, knee-down action and triumphant wheelies, and film of motorcycle heroes including Valentino Rossi.

We used graphics and fast editing to match the adrenalin of the sport and created a video to promote this unmissable event to MotoGP fans.

  • Key Service:
  • Television Advert