EVRYTHNG Brompton Hackathon

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Project Description

The Client: EVRYTHING, Brompton and Corke WALLIS

The Brief

How can you make a Brompton bicycle smarter and better adapted to the everyday challenges a rider faces on the road?

Evrythng, a company that brings products to life using the Internet of Things (IoT), decided to find out with a one day Hackathon event. It marshalled three teams of developers, engineers and creative thinkers, two in London and one in Minsk.

The Project

Evrythng asked Clean Cut Media to provide a film crew to record the teams working from the company’s London office. We filmed initial conversations and covered tests of a ‘guard dog’ app that alerts the owner if their bike is being moved, using a motion sensor.

We also got out and about in the streets of London, filming a cyclist testing out a new ‘crash tracker’ app and a clever environmental monitor that suggests less polluted routes.

The final film brought together live action, animation and graphics to tell the story of the day in a powerful, engaging way.

The filming days we do with them are fairly pressurized, with lots of moving parts and high expectations. They handle everything effortlessly and deliver a really excellent product.

Michael Wallis, Creative Director
Corke Wallis

  • Key Service:
  • Product Launch