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Project Description

The Client: Evrythng and Corke Wallis

The Brief

Evrythng are a London-based company who are world leaders in the Internet of Things (IoT). They passionately believe that every physical thing around us can be connected to the internet and brought to life digitally. And they’ve built the industry’s leading IoT Smart Products Platform in the Cloud to make that happen.

The Project

Evrythng asked us to create an animated video that would show just what this technology can do – for everyone from home owners to global corporations.

Our animation team set to work, coming up with a short animated video that demonstrates how IoT technology connects people and products to make life easier. We created the film onsite at our post-production facilities using our graphics suite.

The filming days we do with them are fairly pressurized, with lots of moving parts and high expectations. They handle everything effortlessly and deliver a really excellent product.

Michael Wallis, Creative Director
Corke Wallis

  • Key Service:
  • Animated Video